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Pictures from an Expedition (Misc)
Series: Misc
Genre: SF
Reader Rating: Not rated
Pictures from an Expedition by Alexander C. Irvine

Description: From Alexander C. Irvine comes Pictures from an Expedition, an astonishing new collection of thirteen fascinating fantasy and science fiction stories, including the World Fantasy Award-nominated “Gus Dreams of Biting the Mailman” and the all-new tale of identity crisis and uncertainty, “Clownfish.”

With tales set in picturesque locales as varied as the New York artist’s loft in “The Lorelei,” the rural Kentucky caverns and riverbanks in “Green River Chantey,” the mystical WWII factory lines in “The Golems of Detroit,” the colonized alien worlds in “Volunteers,” and the deadly atmosphere of Neptune in “Shepherded by Galatea,” Pictures from an Expedition demonstrates Irvine’s sublime mastery of evocative detail, and stunning storytelling abilities.

Whether exploring the intersection of suburban terror and fable in “For Now It’s Eight O’Clock,” the effect of scandal and media obsession on an ill-fated Mars mission in “Pictures from an Expedition,” or dark dystopian futures in “The Uterus Garden” and “Peter Skilling,” Alexander C. Irvine’s crisp, startling, genre-bending prose makes Pictures from an Expedition a captivating, compelling read that, once started, is impossible to put down.

The Lorelei
Green River Chantey
The Fall At Shangha
The Golems Of Detroit
For Now It’s Eight O’Clock
Gus Dreams Of Biting The Mailman
Pictures From an Expedition
The Uterus Garden
Peter Skilling
Shepherded By Galatea

Artwork by Patrick Arrasmith.
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