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Maze of Worlds (The House of Doors/Maze of Worlds)
Series: The House of Doors/Maze of Worlds
Volume: 2
Genre: Horror
ISBN: 0812577809
Pages: 504 pages
Publisher: Tor
Price: 6.99
Reader Rating: Not rated
Maze of Worlds by Brian Lumley

Description: The sequel to The House of Doors, foreshadowed in the ending to the latter.

From the back cover:
Earth is Under Attack!

Alien beings bent on our destruction have seeded the world with horrible machines capable of transforming our planet into a hellhole where only THEY can live.

Our only hope is to solve the puzzle of a four-dimensional maze, an alien thing that is part building, part machine, and part psychological torture chamber. A few brave men and women - and one fearless dog - dare to enter the maze. What they find there will change their lives forever, as the alien machinery creates terrifying worlds based on their worst nightmares.

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