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Galaxy in Flames (The Horus Heresy: The Heresy Revealed)
Series: The Horus Heresy: The Heresy Revealed
Volume: 1
Genre: SF
ISBN: 1844163938
Pages: 416 pages
Publisher: Black Library
Reader Rating: 10 out of 10
Votes: 1
Galaxy in Flames by Ben Counter

Description: Having recovered from his grievous injuries, Warmaster Horus leads the triumphant Imperial forces against the rebel world of Istvaan III. Though the rebels are swiftly crushed, Horus's treachery is finally revealed as the planet is razed by virus bombs, and Space Marines turn on their battle-brothers in the most bitter struggle imaginable. Ben Counter brings the opening trilogy of this epic new series to explosive life as the Horus Heresy begins!
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