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Pieces of Puzzle (Sovereign Rule)
Series: Sovereign Rule
Volume: 2
Genre: Other
ISBN: 1575450968
Publisher: Reagent Press
Price: $16.00
Reader Rating: 10 out of 10
Votes: 1
Pieces of Puzzle by Robert Stanek

Description: Second book about agent from 'sovereign Rule'.

The leader of a special operations unit returns home after a mission gone terribly wrong to find himself a wanted man. Through his former boss he discovers his wife and unborn child are in danger. He must return and cooperate to ensure their safety. Little does he know he is getting pulled deeper and deeper into a decades old conspiracy led by a clandestine group within the government. Soon the former agent, Scott Evers, finds an unlikely ally and the duo must work together to unravel the scattered clues that will lead them to the mastermind behind everything that's happening.

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