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Patriarch's Hope (The Seafort Saga)
Series: The Seafort Saga
Genre: SF
ISBN: 0446608467
Pages: 528 pages
Publisher: Warner Books, Incorporated
Price: 6.5
Reader Rating: 9 out of 10
Votes: 2
Patriarch's Hope by David Feintuch

Description: U.N. SecGen Nicholas Seafort is the most powerfull man on Earth. And although his battles are of words and politics - the colonies vs. the Church Patriarchs; his beloved Navy's funding vs. the despised Enviro lobby - Seafort remains a strict, uncompromising, driven man who keeps his own counsel and walks alone. Until the night a terrorist bomb rips his life apart... Even as the Senate and the Navy demand that Seafort declare martial law, Seafort's son, Philip, confronts his father with the results of his stubborn course. Seafort has fought to protect humanity by diverting resources to ever larger, more heavily armed starships - while global ecological collapse has turned Earth into a horror of barren, ravaged countryside and toxic swamps. But even as Seafort turns his attention to this growing calamity, he's faced with a coup d'etat - an orbital assault on Earth that threatens the future of all mankind. Now, unarmed, with only civilians and children at his side, Nicholas Seafort is going to war to save Earth from the enemies within.

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