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Sky Coyote (A Novel of the Company)
Series: A Novel of the Company
Volume: 2
Genre: SF
ISBN: 0380731800
Pages: 304 pages
Publisher: Morrow,William & Co
Price: 5.99
Reader Rating: 8 out of 10
Votes: 2
Sky Coyote by Kage Baker

Description: Facilitator Joseph is quite a guy. He's sailed with the Phoenicians, and he's been an Egyptian priest, an Athenian politician, and secretary to a Roman senator. After all, his employer, the twenty-fourth-century Company, sends immortal cyborgs like Joseph all over the world and all over time. But now Joseph finds himself in 1699, in the Mayan jungle's Lost City (actually a spa for the Company's operatives) with his protegee, the Botanist Mendoza, who still hasn't forgiven him for that unfortunate incident in Elizabethan England. And he has to save an ancient people from encroachment by the coming white men - even if it means convincing the entire pre-Columbian village to step into the future.

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