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Godbody (Misc)
Series: Misc
Genre: SF
ISBN: 0451163044
Publisher: New Amer
Reader Rating: Not rated
Godbody by Theodore Sturgeon

Description: When Sturgeon died, in May of last year, he left behind an ouevre that included some of the best stories and novels in the science fiction genre. His later work was weak, however, and this last novel demonstrates the author at both his best and worst. The plot is skimpy, the characterizations virtually nonexistent, but this short novel is written with an energy and conviction that make it absorbing. The story concerns a Christlike being named Godbody who suddenly appears in a small town with a message of loveas sacred, life-affirming, the salvation of the individual and the worldwhich he is able to communicate merely by touching a person. Inevitably, his message is too threatening, and he is murdered, but not before he has opened the minds and hearts of several people, who will now go off to live a new, revolutionary life. Even as he unfolds his story in expert fashion, Sturgeon is able to express his passion, and the book is capable of moving the reader.
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