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Polo's Mother (The Club of Mysteries)
Series: The Club of Mysteries
Volume: 4
Genre: Other
ISBN: 0689865554
Pages: 176 pages
Publisher: Atheneum
Price: 5.58
Reader Rating: Not rated
Polo's Mother by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor

Description: Grade 4-6–In this final installment in the series, Polo tells his brother, Marco, that he longs to find their mother. The siblings head for the garage where they are accustomed to gathering with Texas Jake and the rest of the pack that makes up the Club of Mysteries. Lo and behold, mother Geraldine turns up, and Jake fears that he will lose control of the gang to this streetwise feline. He gives Polo, Marco, and Geraldine mysteries to solve, such as finding out whether the light in a refrigerator turns off when the door closes, that put the cats in danger as they move from adventure to adventure. A loyal mouse, dangerous rats, and singing felines add to the zesty humor. Naylor has a knack for giving characters both human and animal traits, so readers have no trouble following a story line with cats performing outrageous stunts or the fact that Marco learns to read from the newspaper in his litter box. Daniel's occasional sketches capture the personality of the characters as they go about trying to solve the mysteries of life. Fans will not be disappointed, except to see that this stand-alone novel concludes the series.

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