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The Huntsman (The Huntsman)
Series: The Huntsman
Genre: Fantasy
ISBN: 0330269569
Pages: 135 pages
Publisher: Picollo/Pan Books
Price: £1.50
Reader Rating: 10 out of 10
Votes: 1
The Huntsman by DOUGLAS HILL

Description: "No one was sure how long it was - a few generations after the Destruction, maybe a century. But one day... with a terrifying suddenness, vast angular metal shapes appeared in the skies... and settled slowly on the ravaged earth. THEY had come - on the first day of the world as it now was."

Finn Ferral was an outsider. Found as a baby in the forest he was known only for his uncanny and instinctive knowledge of the wilds... and for the strange markings on his arm.
So when the alien Slavers attacked, the villagers turned on Finn and drove him out. Thus begins an incredible and dangerous journey as Finn sets out to rescue Jena and Josh, his adpoted family, kidnapped in the raid. Armed with only a hunting knife and his own heightened senses, Finn has to fight the horrific beastmen known as the Bloodkin - yet he encounters one of them, the outcast Baer, who becomes his friend and companion.
And at last his journey takes him right into the lair of the Slavers with breathtaking results...
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