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Dragonshadow (Winterlands)
Series: Winterlands
Volume: 2
Genre: Fantasy
ISBN: 0345421876
Pages: 297 pages
Publisher: Ballantine Books, Inc.
Price: 24
Reader Rating: 6 out of 10
Votes: 3
Dragonshadow by Barbara Hambly

Description: In a world where most people live and die without glimpsing a single dragon, Lord John Aversin, - with the help of his mageborn wife, Jenny Waynest - has fought and defeated two, earning the proud title of Dragonsbane. But there are creatures more terrifying than dragons. Demonspawn from a dark dimension have learned to drink the magic - and the souls - of mages and dragons alike, turning their victims into empty vessels. And now they've stolen John and Jenny's mageborn son, twelve-year-old Ian. In desperation, John seeks the help of the eldest and strongest dragon: Morkeleb the Black. Once Morkeleb tried to take Jenny from John. He gave her a dragon's body, a dragon's magic, and she gloried in it for a time. But in the end she became a woman again, rejecting Morkeleb for John. Now the three of them must overcome the anger and bitterness of the past and work together for the future of Ian and all that lives.

Also in this series are Dragonsbane, Knight of the Demon Queen, Dragonstar Return to the Barbara Hambly page.

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