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Spore (Star Wars-Galaxy of Fear)
Series: Star Wars-Galaxy of Fear
Volume: 9
Genre: SF
ISBN: 055348639X
Publisher: Bantam Skylark
Price: 4.50
Reader Rating: 7 out of 10
Votes: 1
Spore by John Whitman

Description: Tash, Zak, and Uncle Hoole need a special Mineral for the Shroud's Engines. The only place to get it is a mining colony... in the middle of an asteroid belt infested with space slugs. The Journey to the mining colony is filled with Danger. But nothin prepares Hoole, Tash, and Zak for what they find when they reach thier destination. An ancient Life-Form has been released from its tomb. It has lurked there, waiting, for many years. It cannot be seen. It is made from pure evil. And its name is Spore.

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