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Promises (Star Wars-Junior Jedi Knights)
Series: Star Wars-Junior Jedi Knights
Volume: 3
Genre: SF
ISBN: 1572970979
Pages: 114 pages
Publisher: Boulevard
Price: 4.50
Reader Rating: 9 out of 10
Votes: 1
Promises by Nancy Richardson

Description: Before she joined the academy, Anakin's friend Tahiri lived with a strange and dangerous tribe. She knows nothing of her real parents-or how she came to live with the treacherous Tusken Raiders. Tahiri knew the day would come when she'd learn everything about her past...and that day has come! But first, Tahiri must prove she's worthy. And that means she must complete a deadly task that will test her skills as a warrior and a Jedi Knight. With Anakin by her side, she will ahve to use the force like never before. If Tahiri succeeds, she will learn how her parents lived-and died. But if she fails, she and Anakin may have to pay the ultimate price.

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