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Angelos (The Quantum Cat)
Series: The Quantum Cat
Volume: 2
Genre: Fantasy
ISBN: 1933353600
Pages: 116 pages
Publisher: Twilight Times Books
Price: $16.95
Reader Rating: Not rated
Angelos by Robina Williams

Description: The cat is back! And once again he's keeping a protective eye on his old friend Brother Jerome – the late Brother Jerome, that is. When Leo, his pet cat, showed up in the afterworld, Jerome assumed he was there because he'd died. But Leo's real name is Quantum, and quantum cats don’t die…

A rockfall in the Minotaur's labyrinth sets off a quantum leap. The Minotaur finds himself in a garden shed in the twenty-first century, and Jerome finds himself in a maze of corridors in the 'old' world, although, with 'the time thing,' it isn't the old world any more.

Meantime, in the friary, the Guardian, Father Aidan, is having a crisis of faith… until one day he sees the divine light shining for him once more, and we see the cat in his true form — a seraph, a divine envoy, the angelos of the title.

Also in this series are Jerome and the Seraph Return to the Robina Williams page.

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