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A mathematician and computer scientist. Awarded four Hugo's - (1993), PA (1987), and Hugo (1999).

Full name is Vernor Steffen Vinge.

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 Misc VolumeYearRating
 Grimm's Worldn/a1969n/a
 The Witlingn/a1976n/a
 True Namesn/a19818/10
 The Peace Warn/a19859/10
 Marooned in Real Timen/a19868/10
 Tatja Grimm's Worldn/a19877/10
 True Names ...and Other Dangersn/a19878/10
 Threats ... and Other Promisesn/a1988n/a
 A Fire Upon the Deepn/a19929/10
 Across Realtimen/a19949/10
 A Deepness in the Skyn/a19999/10
 The Children of the Skyn/a2011n/a

 Zones of Thought VolumeYearRating
 Rainbows End120069/10
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