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Thomas was born in a snowstorm in the mountains of Ft. Collins, Colorado, two days before the Christmas of 1966. Growing up in Texas, he whiled away his youth playing Dungeons & Dragons.

Eventually, Thomas found his way to Austin, where he met his wife. Right after graduating from the University of Texas, he began to make a living building wooden swing sets, just like every other well-paid writer with a BA in History. Then, one fateful day, he answered an advertisement in the back of DRAGON(R) Magazine seeking professional editors, so he and Teresa moved to Wisconsin in the fall of 1991.

Today, Thomas has returned to his roots in Texas with his beautiful wife and three sons, Aidan, Galen, and Quinton. When he's not freelancing--designing and editing games or writing fiction--Thomas loves to go hiking and camping, play with his kids, and root for the Rangers, Cowboys, Stars, and Texas Longhorns.

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