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Rosemary Edghill has been a professional writer since 1984, when (as eluki bes shahar) she sold the short story HELLFLOWER to George Scithers' AMAZING. Several Regency Romances (as Rosemary Edghill) followed, as did the Hellflower Trilogy: HELLFLOWER, DARKTRADERS, and ARCHANGEL BLUES. She has also written mysteries (the Bast series, featuring a Wiccan amateur detective), fantasies (the Twelve Treasures series), tie-ins (two X-Men novels as eluki bes shahar), a time-travel romance (MET BY MOONLIGHT), and collaborated with many of the great names of F&SF: Marion Zimmer Bradley (GHOSTLIGHT, WITCHLIGHT, GRAVELIGHT, and HEARTLIGHT); Andre Norton (SHADOW OF ALBION and LEOPARD IN EXILE); and Mercedes Lackey (BEYOND WORLD'S END and SPIRITS WHITE AS LIGHTNING). Her current projects include WARSLAYER, a swashbuckling fantasy, and a high fantasy trilogy which is yet to be titled.

Meanwhile, she writes a lot of short stories for various anthologies. Upcoming are PRINCE OF EXILES (Out of Avalon, Roc, May 2001) and THE IRON BRIDE (Words of the Witches, date not set)

2001 books will be BEYOND WORLD'S END (Baen Books, January), LEOPARD IN EXILE (Tor Books, February), VENGEANCE OF MASKS and CITY OF TOMBS (a two-volume novel, Wildside Press, date not set), and the re-issue of the Hellflower Trilogy (Wildside Press, date not set)

She has held the usual assortment of Weird Writer Jobs, most of which make it into her books as background, and would have hobbies if she had the time.

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