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, Regina Paul moved to Oregon with her family when she was two years old. She has resided there for the past thirty-five years.

She has been writing and telling stories for most of her life. Her first stories were made up for the entertainment of her younger brother when they were small children. This talent quickly blossomed into the written word and by the time she was ten she'd had her first piece published.

In her teens she discovered speculative fiction, a place where it was not uncommon for genres to mix. These types of stories quickly became her favorites, and this love of the unusual and extraordinary spilled over into her own writing. She now classifies all her writing as speculative and genre crossing.

In her spare time she likes to create Native American beadwork and do watercolor paintings.

When Regina isn't spinning yarns about planets far far away or characters in alternate universes she works as an Administrative Assistant for a real estate company.

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