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The author of many books for adults and young readers and has won numerous awards, including the Carnegie Medal (twice), the Guardian Award and the Whitebread Fiction Honor Award (also twice). His novel Eva was a Boston Globe-Horn Book for young adults, as were Dickinson's novels AK and A Bone from a Dry Sea. His most recent book for Delacorte Press was The Lion Tamer's Daughter and Other Stories, which was chosen by School Library Journal as a Best Book of the Year. Peter Dickinson has four grown children and lives in Hampshire, England with his wife, the writer Robin Mckinley.

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Books (Sort by Title)[9 books listed]
 Misc VolumeYearRating
 Merlin Dreamsn/a1988n/a
 Time and the Clock Micen/a1994n/a
 Water: Tales of Elemental Spirits with Robin McKinleyn/a2002n/a
 Flight of Dragonsn/a20038/10
 The Ropemakern/a20035/10
 The Tears of the Salamandern/a2003n/a
 Water with Robin McKinleyn/a2003n/a
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