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Full name John Michael Crichton. Best selling author of techno-thrillers. His novels include The Andromeda Strain, Congo, Jurassic Park, and Timeline. He is also the creator of the television series ER.

Died on November 4 2008, in Los Angeles, at age 66 from cancer.

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Books (Sort by Title)[19 books listed]
 A Case of Needn/a19944/10
 Eaters of the Deadn/a19888/10
 Jurassic Parkn/a19919/10
 Pirate Latitudesn/a2009n/a
 Prey: A Noveln/a200210/10
 Rising Sunn/a19928/10
 State of Fearn/a2004n/a
 The 13th Warriorn/a19889/10
 The Andromeda Strainn/a19929/10
 The Great Train Robberyn/a19947/10
 The Lost Worldn/a19968/10
 The Terminal Mann/a19946/10
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