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Megan Sybil Baker believes in the magic of stories, the enchantment of words and in the power of fantasy and science fiction to let readers experience wondrous journeys through marvelous lands. She wrote her first novel at the age of four, self-published on her mother’s typewriter, and self-illustrated through her trusty box of crayons. She’s been dreaming, writing and drawing ever since. A former news journalist working in both the electronic and print media, she was nominated in 1998 for the respected Pushcart Literary Award. Her fantasy novel, Wintertide, won the 2001 EPPIE Award for Best Fantasy, the Sime~Gen Gatemaster’s Award and was a finalist in the Dream Realm and PEARL Awards. Her short stories in the Science Fiction Romance genre have won several Grand Prize and First Place awards.

Also writes under her real name Linnea Sinclair.

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 An Accidental Goddessn/a20028/10
 Gabriel's Ghostn/a2002n/a
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