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Sadly now deceased (1999). Some of her later Darkover novels were written by another author. She resided in Berkeley, California.

Marion Zimmer Bradley began her distinguished book publishing career in 1961 with her first novel, The Door Through Space. The following year she wrote the first book in her hugely popular Darkover series, Sword of Aldones, which soon became a Hugo Award nominee. Bradley's novel The Forbidden Tower was also nominated for a Hugo, and The Heritage of Hastur was nominated for an esteemed Nebula Award.

The Mists of Avalon was the single most successful novel of Bradley's career. It won the 1984 Locus Award for Best Fantasy Novel and has been among the top five trade paperback books on Locus's bestseller list for years.

The most recent Darkover novels were ghostwritten by an unnamed author [Adrienne Martine-Barnes], with little or no input from MZB.

This author has been recommended by 730 other readers.

Books (Sort by Title)[55 books listed]
 A Flame In Hali with Deborah J. Ross320046/10
 Ancestors of Avalon with Diana Paxson1200410/10
 Blood Trillium with Andre Norton219929/10
 City of Sorcery1119878/10
 Dark Satanicn/a1992n/a
 Darkover Landfall119727/10
 Exile's Song191997n/a
 Falcons of Narabellan/an/a7/10
 Ghostlight with Rosemary Edghill11995n/a
 Glenraven with Holly Lisle119969/10
 Golden Trillium with Andre Norton31993n/a
 Gravelight with Rosemary Edghill31997n/a
 Heartlight with Rosemary Edghill4199810/10
 Heritage and Exilen/a2002n/a
 In the Rift with Holly Lisle219987/10
 Lady of Avalon3n/a8/10
 Lady of the Trillium419968/10
 Priestess of Avalon with Diana Paxon420008/10
 Sharra's Exile1719817/10
 Sky Trillium519965/10
 Sword And Sorceress XIX1920026/10
 Sword And Sorceress XV15n/a1/10
 Sword And Sorceress XVI16n/an/a
 Sword and Sorceress XVII17n/an/a
 Sword and Sorceress XX202003n/a
 The Ages of Chaosn/a20026/10
 The Black Trillium119917/10
 The Bloody Sun1419949/10
 The Catch Trapn/a198410/10
 The Door Through Spacen/a2011n/a
 The Fall of Neskaya with Deborah J. Ross120017/10
 The Firebrand320038/10
 The Forbidden Circlen/a2002n/a
 The Forbidden Tower919977/10
 The Forest House220079/10
 The Heirs of Hammerfell519896/10
 The Heritage of Hastur1519848/10
 The Mists of Avalon519829/10
 The Ruins of Isisn/a19834/10
 The Saga of the Renunciatesn/a20028/10
 The Shadow Matrix20n/a4/10
 The Shattered Chain719767/10
 The Spell Sword819746/10
 The Winds of Darkover1319955/10
 The World Wreckers1819949/10
 Thendara House1019838/10
 Traitor's Sun2120006/10
 Two To Conquer419808/10
 Warrior Womann/a198710/10
 Witch Hilln/a20008/10
 Witchlight with Rosemary Edghill219969/10
 Zandru's Forge with Deborah J. Ross220033/10
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