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Born in a small southern town, M. R. Sellars began reading at age four, and writing shortly thereafter. He hasn’t stopped since. The product of a liberal family, from an early age Sellars was exposed to many different religions and belief systems, both mainstream and obscure. To this day he remains an avid student of the religious diversity which surrounds us. Not one for remaining "in the broom closet," Sellars often gives group lectures on request in order to help dispel the many myths and misconceptions that surround the practice of WitchCraft, Paganism, and the Wiccan Religion.

A self-described "Long-haired hippie activist tree-hugger," Sellars studied Journalism and Literature as well as Computer Science throughout high school and college, winning many prestigious awards for writing during his academic course. Although his first love was the written word, fate quickly lead him to his vocation of more than twenty years as a Senior Level Electronics Technician and Internet Systems Administrator. Even with his hectic career, Sellars finds time to indulge in his hobbies of hiking, camping, nature photography, and cooking. A classically trained, accomplished gourmet chef, he can often be found ‘playing’ in his favorite room— the kitchen.

Locally, their home is known to be a haven for neglected and abused animals, and the ever changing population stands for the moment seven cats.

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