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Lynne Ewing is a screenwriter and a counsler for troubled teens. She has written the twelve books in the Daughters of the Moon series and the books Drive-By and Party Girl.

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Books (Sort by Title)[23 books listed]
 Goddess of the Night120009/10
 Into the Cold Fire220009/10
 Night Shade320019/10
 The Lost One620019/10
 The Sacrifice520019/10
 The Secret Scroll420019/10
 Moon Demon720028/10
 The Choice920038/10
 The Talisman1020038/10
 The Becoming1220049/10
 The Prophecy1120048/10
 Night Sun4200510/10
 Divine One220079/10
 The Final Eclipse132007n/a
 The Summoning120078/10
 Daughters of the Moon (Final Eclipse)1320087/10
 The Haunting420089/10
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