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Lois McMaster Bujold has two children. Lois began reading adult science fiction when she was nine years old. Her early writing efforts began in junior high school as a hobby. After college, Lois worked as a pharmacy technician until she quit to start her family.

Lois's first novel, Shards of Honor, was completed in 1983 and published with The Warrior's Apprentice and Ethan of Athos as original paperbacks by Baen Books in 1986. So far, Lois's titles have been translated into ten languages. In addition to multiple Locus and Nebula Awards, she has won four Hugo awards in the Novel category, more than any other writer except for Robert A Heinlein. Won Hugo Awards for The Vor Game (1991), Barrayar (1992), Mirror Dance (1995).

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Books (Sort by Title)[28 books listed]
 Shards of Honorn/a1991, 20009/10
 The Spirit Ringn/a19928/10
 Brothers in Armsn/a19949/10
 Ethan of Athosn/a19948/10
 Mirror Dancen/a19959/10
 The Vor Gamen/a19959/10
 The Warrior's Apprenticen/a19979/10
 Young Milesn/a19979/10
 Borders of Infinityn/a19999/10
 Falling Freen/a19998/10
 A Civil Campaignn/a20009/10
 Cordelia's Honorn/a20009/10
 The Curse of Chalion120019/10
 Diplomatic Immunityn/a20029/10
 Miles Errantn/a20029/10
 Miles, Mystery & Mayhemn/a20029/10
 Paladin of Souls220039/10
 The Hallowed Hunt320058/10
 Captain Vorpatril's Alliancen/a2012n/a
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