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I was born and raised in Vermont. I lived for four years in New York City, where I went to Barnard College, but then came back to Vermont. Now I live in an old barn that's been converted into an apartment with my husband, Colin, our daughters, our cat, and our dog.

For many years, I loved to write but was scared to tell anyone about what I wrote or to take my writing seriously. I thought that if I had so many doubts and fears about my writing ability, I must not be any good. Then, one day, I was re-reading Lloyd Alexander's book The Black Cauldron, and I realized something very important. Characters, and people, who take risks have many doubts about what they're doing. They fear they will fail, as I did and still do, but they think the risk important enough to take. I decided if I really wanted to write, maybe I should just take the risk and write.

So I do many things: raise my daughters, work part-time as a school librarian at Washington Village School, have fun with my husband, teach writing to kids and adults, and read. But I also write.

For more information about me or my writing, go to this interview, published in the Times Argus, or this interview with Debbi Michiko Florence. Or, you can visit the LJ I'm trying out.

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