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Born into the same southern Manitoba Mennonite community as A.E. van Vogt, Karl Schroeder writes SF with a decidedly
philosophical bent. He has published numerous short stories, including "The Dragon of Pripyat", which was featured in
"The Year's Best Science Fiction, 17th Annual Edition", published in 2000. His first solo novel, "Ventus", has garnered
rave reviews from such diverse sources as the Kirkus Review, Publisher's Weekly, and the Denver Post. Mr. Schroeder
lives in Toronto, Canada with his wife.

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 The Claus Effectn/a19979/10
 Lady of Mazesn/a20068/10

 Virga VolumeYearRating
 Sun of Suns12006n/a
 Queen of Candesce22007n/a
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