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JGB is an editor and best-selling writer, as well as the co-owner of Wildside Press (with his wife, Kim Betancourt). They have two children, Ian and David.

His mother is an English teacher and his father is an archaeologist. He spent much of his childhood in Europe, which may help explain his interest in reading, history, and foreign cultures.

He sold his first short story professionally at age sixteen and his first novel at age nineteen. In college he became an assistant editor for Amazing Stories magazine, then co-editor and publisher of Weird Tales, a revival of a famous horror magazine. He also worked on a freelance basis for most of the paperback publishing companies in New York.

After graduating with a BA in Communications from Temple University’s School of Radio, Television and Film, he resumed his writing career, producing such fantasy and science fiction novels as the critically acclaimed Johnny Zed and Rememory and Rogue Pirate. His work for young adults includes the fantasy Born of Elven Blood (written with Kevin J. Anderson) as well as work on such series as Dr. Bones, Robert Silverberg’s Time Tours, plus novels and short stories based on Marvel Comics and DC Comics characters. His stories, essays, articles, and reviews on the science fiction field have appeared in many newspapers and magazines, including The Washington Post, Writer's Digest, and Transit.

He joined Byron Preiss Visual Publications, a leading book packager, in 1991, where he headed up the science fiction, fantasy, and horror department as Senior Editor. In 1993 he laid the groundwork for Byron Preiss’s expansion into Multimedia.

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 The Gates of Hadesn/an/a5/10
 The Vengeance of Heran/a1997n/a
 The Wrath of Poseidonn/a1997n/a

 Misc VolumeYearRating
 The Blind Archern/a1988n/a
 Johnny Zedn/a1999n/a
 The Dragon Sorcerorn/a20037/10
 The Merry Men of the Riverworldn/a2012n/a

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 Dawn Of Amber120026/10
 Chaos and Amber220038/10
 To Rule in Amber320049/10
 Shadows of Amber420058/10

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 Devil in the Sky with Greg Cox11n/an/a
 The Heart of the Warrior17n/an/a

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 Double Helix #1: Infection511999n/a

 Star Trek: Voyager VolumeYearRating
 Incident at Arbuk51995n/a
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