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Lived primarily in Georgia and Florida. Overseas lived primarily in Iran (pre-Ayatollah) with extensive time in Egypt (Sinai), Greece and Switzerland. Some other time in a total of 23 countries.

Military service: Army, four years, stationed Ft. Bragg, NC, 82nd Airborne Division, First Battalion 508th Parachute Infantry Regiment. Received Combat Infantry Badge, Parachutists Badge and various “I was there” ribbons including Grenada and Desert Storm. Heard very few shots fired in anger.

Hobbies: SCUBA, reading, fishing (salt water and trout primarily), computer games and the Internet.

Professional Associations: Veterans of Foreign Wars, 82nd Airborne Division, Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America

Associated Colleges: University of Georgia, Athens (Gooooooo DAWGS!), University of South Florida, Tampa.

Fraternal Associations: Sigma Pi fraternity.

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Books (Sort by Title)[32 books listed]
 A Deeper Blue52007n/a
 A Hymn Before Battle120008/10
 Against the Tide320058/10
 Cally's War with Julie Cochranen/a200410/10
 Choosers of the Slain32006n/a
 Claws that Catch with Travis S. Taylor42008n/a
 East of the Sun and West of the Moonn/a2006n/a
 Emerald Sea220047/10
 Gust Front220019/10
 Hell's Faire420038/10
 Into the Looking Glass1200510/10
 Live Free Or Die12010n/a
 Manxome Foe with Travis S. Taylor32008n/a
 March to the Sea with David Weber220019/10
 March to the Stars with David Weber320038/10
 March Upcountry with David Weber120019/10
 Princess of Wandsn/a20068/10
 Sister Time with Julie Cochranen/a2007n/a
 The Hero with Michael Z. Williamson52004n/a
 The Hot Gate32011n/a
 The Last Centurionn/a20082/10
 The Road to Damascus with Linda Evansn/a2004n/a
 There Will Be Dragons120038/10
 Unto the Breach420068/10
 Von Neumann's War with Travis S. Taylor12006n/a
 Vorpal Blade with Travis S. Taylor22007n/a
 Watch on the Rhine with Tom Kratman520057/10
 We Few with David Weber420057/10
 When the Devil Dances320028/10
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