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Writes fantasy, set mainly in the Dragonlance RPG world from Wizards of the Coast.

Jean is a TSR author, game designer of way too many role-playing modules to list, and former director of the Role-Playing Game Association (RPGA).

Editor of MechForce Quarterly, a BattleTech magazine.

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Books (Sort by Title)[13 books listed]
 Death March22008n/a
 Goblin Nation32009n/a
 Lake of Deathn/a2010n/a
 Red Magic320018/10
 Sol's Children with Martin H. Greenbergn/a2002n/a
 The Dawning of a New Age11996n/a
 The Day of the Tempest22002n/a
 The Eve of the Maelstrom32001n/a
 The Rebellion12007n/a
 The Silver Stair31999n/a
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