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James Swallow is a British author, journalist and scriptwriter. He has written several original books and tie-in novels.

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 Blood Angels VolumeYearRating
 Red Furyn/a2008n/a

 Dark Future VolumeYearRating
 Jade Dragonn/a2006n/a

 Doctor Who VolumeYearRating

 Horus Heresy VolumeYearRating
 The Flight of the Eisenstein: The Heresy Unfoldsn/a2007n/a

 Judge Dredd VolumeYearRating

 New Line Cinema VolumeYearRating
 The Butterfly Effectn/a2003n/a

 Rogue Trooper VolumeYearRating
 Blood Relativen/a2005n/a

 Stargate Atlantis VolumeYearRating

 Stargate Sg-1 VolumeYearRating

 Stargate Sg-1/Stargate: Atlantis VolumeYearRating
 Shell Gamen/a2008n/a

 Stargate Universe VolumeYearRating

 The Rubicon Series VolumeYearRating

 Warhammer 40,000 VolumeYearRating
 Blood Angels: Deus Encarminen/a200510/10
 Blood Angels: Deus Sanguiniusn/a200510/10

 Warhammer 40,000 Novels VolumeYearRating
 Faith and Firen/a2006n/a
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