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James Patterson is one of America's favorite storytellers, with more than 77 million 8n print in forty languages, making him one of the top-selling writers of all time. The winged characters in Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment were inspired by his bestselling adult novels When the Wind Blows (of which more than 4 million copies are in print) and The Lake House. He is also the author of the two top new detedtive series of the past decade: the Women's Murder Club and the Alex Cross novels, including Along Came a Spider and Kiss the Girls, as well as the best selling love stories Suzanne's Diary for Nicholas and Sam's Letters to Jennifer. Maximum Ride is his first young adult series.

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Books (Sort by Title)[49 books listed]
 Alex Cross VolumeYearRating
 Along Came a Spider119939/10
 Kiss the Girls2199710/10
 Jack & Jill31997n/a
 Cat & Mouse4199810/10
 Pop Goes the Weasel520005/10
 Roses Are Red620014/10
 Violets Are Blue72002n/a
 Four Blind Mice82003n/a
 The Big Bad Wolf920049/10
 London Bridges102005n/a
 Mary, Mary112005n/a
 Double Cross13200710/10

 Maximum Ride VolumeYearRating
 The Angel Experiment120059/10
 School's Out - Forever220068/10
 Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports320078/10
 The Final Warning: A Maximum Ride Novel42008n/a

 Michael Bennett VolumeYearRating
 Step on a Crack with Michael Ledwidge12007n/a

 Misc VolumeYearRating
 Black Fridayn/a1989n/a
 Season of the Macheten/a1995n/a
 Hide & Seekn/a19968/10
 Miracle on the 17th Green: A Novel with Peter De Jongen/a1996n/a
 The Thomas Berryman Numbern/a1996n/a
 See How They Runn/a1997n/a
 The Midnight Clubn/a1999n/a
 Cradle and Alln/a2001n/a
 Suzanne's Diary for Nicholasn/a2001n/a
 SantaKid with Michael Garlandn/a2004n/a
 The Jester with Andrew Grossn/a2004n/a
 Sam's Letters to Jennifern/a2005n/a
 The Beach Housen/a20058/10
 Beach Road with Peter De Jongen/a20069/10
 Judge & Jury with Andrew Grossn/a2006n/a
 Lifeguard with Andrew Grossn/a2006n/a
 Honeymoon with Howard Roughann/a20077/10
 The Quickie with Michael Ledwidgen/a20078/10
 You've Been Warned with Howard Roughann/a20077/10
 When the Wind Blows119989/10
 The Lake House220059/10

 Women's Murder Club VolumeYearRating
 1st to Die1200210/10
 2nd Chance with Andrew Gross22004n/a
 3rd Degree with Andrew Gross320069/10
 4th of July with Maxine Paetro420067/10
 The 5th Horseman with Maxine Paetro5200610/10
 The 6th Target with Maxine Paetro62007n/a
 7th Heaven with Maxine Paetro72008n/a
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