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James T. Lay.was born in London, England and has moved around the world to far and distant places since then. A retired Helicopter Engineer, he has been reading Science Fiction since the early 50's. His Series of Galactic Rescue Inc. novels began their life in Sweden - one snowbound and freezing December - he had run out of books to read. Since that time, the Series grew to three Volumes, all about 300 pages, with the forth Volume now under way. The writing has followed the 'Adventure' side of Science Fiction and not that of Dragons and Wizards. The Author is active with his Golf and also used to be the Grand Master of the Chard Hash House Harriers. Now that's something you don't see every day.
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 Way Beyond Infinity32010n/a

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 Galactic Rescue Inc. Outwards to the Stars22010n/a
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