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Writer and scientist. He came to New York City at age three. A Columbia Ph.D., he taught biochemistry at Boston University School of Medicine after 1949. He was an author, lecturer, and broadcaster of legendary prolificacy and astonishing range, but is most admired as a popularizer of science (The Collapsing Universe (1977)) and a science fiction writer (I, Robot (1950)), The Foundation Trilogy (1951-53)). He coined the term "robotics." Between the 40's and the 90's he wrote well over 500 books both fiction and non-fiction and he remains the only person with a book in each branch of the dewey decimal system.

Also wrote under the names George E. Dale, Paul French.

Isaac was married to Janet Asimov. Died 4/6/1992.

Isaac was a corporal in the WWII Army.

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Books (Sort by Title)[24 books listed]
 Empire VolumeYearRating
 The Stars, Like Dust119518/10
 The Currents of Space219528/10
 Pebble In the Sky319528/10

 Foundation VolumeYearRating
 Foundation and Empire219679/10
 Second Foundation3n/a9/10
 Foundation's Edge4n/a8/10
 Foundation and Earth519858/10
 Prelude to Foundation619898/10
 Forward the Foundation719938/10

 Misc VolumeYearRating
 I, Robotn/an/a8/10
 Robot Cityn/an/a9/10
 The Gods Themselvesn/a19728/10
 End of Eternityn/a20009/10
 Robot Dreamsn/a2004n/a
 The Rest of the Robotsn/a20059/10

 Robots VolumeYearRating
 Caves of Steel119539/10
 The Naked Sun219548/10
 Robots of Dawn319839/10
 Robots and Empire419859/10
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