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Greg was born in San Diego, California, on August 20th, 1951, to Wilma M. and Dale F. Bear. His father was in the navy, and by the time he was twelve years old, he had traveled with his parents to Japan, the Philippines and Alaska, as well as touring various parts of the United States.

The first novel, Hegira (Dell), was sold in 1979. In 1983 Greg was nominated for the Nebula Award for my short story, "Petra." In 1984, "Hardfought" and "Blood Music" won the Nebula Awards for best novella and novelette, respectively; "Blood Music" went on to win the Hugo Award. The novel version of that story, also called Blood Music, won the Prix Apollo in France and was nominated for the Hugo and Nebula awards. In 1987, "Tangents" won the Hugo and Nebula awards for best short story. Moving Mars (1993) won the 1994 Nebula for best novel.

A short story, "Dead Run," was adapted by Alan Brennert for the second Twilight Zone television show. "The White Horse Child" appeared in 1993 as a CD-ROM multi-media presentation from EBOOK.

In 1983, Greg married Astrid Anderson. His son Erik was born in September 1986. Their second child, Alexandra, was born in January of 1990.

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 Darwins Radion/a19998/10
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 The Forge of God119877/10
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 Misc VolumeYearRating
 Beyond Heavens Rivern/a19809/10
 Strength of Stonesn/a19828/10
 Blood Musicn/a19857/10
 Queen of Angelsn/a19906/10
 Moving Marsn/a19939/10
 Dinosaur Summern/a19986/10
 Dead Linesn/a2004n/a
 City at the End of Timen/a2008n/a

 Short story collection VolumeYearRating
 The Wind From A Burning Womenn/a1983n/a
 Bear's Fantasiesn/a1992n/a
 The Vengingn/a19938/10
 Early Harvestn/a1998n/a
 W3 Women In Deep Timen/a2003n/a

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 Songs of Earth and Powern/a19928/10
 The Infinity Concerto119848/10
 The Serpent Mage219868/10

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 Rogue Planetn/a20009/10

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 Foundation and Chaosn/a19988/10

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