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Moved to the USA when he was still a young boy. He fought in the US army later, and drew on these experiences for his later books. Eventually, he came up with the idea for his master series, the "Childe Cycle", in which the history and evolution of man was put down. However, Dickson died in 2001, half way finished with the final book, and yet to start on the historical fiction part of the Cycle.

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Books (Sort by Title)[33 books listed]
 Antagonist with David W. Wixonn/a2007n/a
 Dragon Knight219909/10
 Hoka! Hoka! Hoka! with Poul Andersonn/a1998n/a
 Hokas Pokas! with Poul Andersonn/a2000n/a
 Hour of the Gremlins with Ben Bovan/a2002n/a
 Lifeboat with Harry Harrisonn/a19705/10
 Lost Dorsain/a19937/10
 None but Mann/a19925/10
 Soldier, Ask Not!n/a19989/10
 Tactics of Mistaken/a1998n/a
 The Chantry Guildn/a2000n/a
 The Dorsai Companionn/a1986n/a
 The Dragon and the Djinn619967/10
 The Dragon and the Fair Maid of Kent920018/10
 The Dragon and the George119769/10
 The Dragon and the Gnarly King719978/10
 The Dragon at War419929/10
 The Dragon in Lyonesse819987/10
 The Dragon on the Border319928/10
 The Dragon, the Earl, and the Troll519949/10
 The Earth Lordsn/a19886/10
 The Final Encyclopedian/a19857/10
 The Forever Mann/a1988n/a
 The Right to Arm Bearsn/a2000n/a
 The R-Master [by] Gordon R. Dicksonn/a1973n/a
 The Spirit of Dorsain/a19937/10
 Time Stormn/a19928/10
 Way of the Pilgrimn/a19996/10
 Wolf and Ironn/a19947/10
 Young Bleysn/a20065/10
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