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Attended Loughborough College of Art and Design, then working in graphic design and medical art.

Enjoys art, all things Gothic, Arabian horses, frogs, cats, stained-glass work, science fiction conventions and travel - especially to North America.

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Books (Sort by Title)[17 books listed]
 A Black Bird VolumeYearRating
 A Blackbird in Darkness11986n/a

 Fantasy Novels VolumeYearRating
 A Blackbird in Silvern/a1986n/a
 A Blackbird in Ambern/a19875/10
 A Blackbird in Twilightn/a1988n/a
 The Rainbow Gaten/a19899/10
 Darker Than the Stormn/a1991n/a

 Jewelfire Trilogy VolumeYearRating
 The Amber Citadel119995/10
 The Sapphire Throne220007/10
 The Obsidian Tower320018/10

 Misc VolumeYearRating
 Sorrow's Lightn/a1993n/a
 The Court of the Midnight Kingn/a2003n/a

 Supernatural Novels VolumeYearRating
 Dark Cathedraln/a19968/10
 Dracula the Undeadn/a199710/10
 Pagan Moonn/a19979/10

 Vampire Novels VolumeYearRating
 A Taste of Blood Winen/a199210/10
 A Dance in Blood Velvetn/a199410/10
 The Dark Blood of Poppiesn/a199510/10
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