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One of the newest additions to the Wizards of the Coast writing staff, 20-something Erik Scott de Bie holds down an incredibly tedious 40-hour a week day job, dreaming of a time when he can quit to become a full-time author.

This wouldn't necessarily make his life easier, though, for it would mean more time spent chasing, feeding, and cleaning up after his two cats, Athena and Apollo. The brightest spot in his life is his lovely wife Shelley, and the darkest (in a good way) is his writing.

He also fences, plays tennis, and enjoys all genres of music.

Erik is remarkable for his prodigious height (6' 6.6') and his propensity for awakening weekly in the middle of the night ITCHING to write the great American novel, but falling back asleep because the laptop would take too long to warm up.

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 Depths of Madnessn/a2007n/a
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