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David Brin is the acclaimed Hugo and Nebula award-winning author. He has a doctorate in astrophysics, has been a consultant to NASA and a graduate-level physics professor.

Won the Hugo Award for Startide Rising (1984), The Uplift War (1988).

This author has been recommended by 120 other readers.

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 Brightness Reef119968/10
 Foundation's Triumph320007/10
 Glory Seasonn/a19948/10
 Heart of the Comet with Gregory Benfordn/a19979/10
 Heaven's Reach319988/10
 Infinity's Shore219988/10
 Kiln Peoplen/a20027/10
 Startide Rising219939/10
 Sun Diver119969/10
 The Postmann/a19857/10
 The Practice Effectn/a19848/10
 The River of Timen/a1997n/a
 The Uplift War319969/10
 Tomorrow Happensn/a2003n/a
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