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Author of more than 20 science fiction and fantasy books, turned to writing following a 30-year career in petroleum geology. Also writes under the name of Ken Hood.

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Books (Sort by Title)[43 books listed]
 A Rose-Red Cityn/an/an/a
 Children of Chaosn/a2006n/a
 Daughter of Troyn/an/an/a
 Demon Sword with Ken Hoodn/a1995n/a
 Hunters Haunt2n/an/a
 Ill Met in the Arenan/a2008n/a
 Impossible Odds5200410/10
 Mother of Liesn/a2008n/a
 Paragon Lost42002n/a
 Pock's Worldn/a2010n/a
 The Alchemist's Apprentice12007n/a
 The Alchemist's Code22008n/a
 The Alchemist's Pursuit32009n/a
 The Jaguar Knights62005n/a
 When the Saintsn/a2011n/a
 Faery Lands Forlorn2n/a9/10
 Present Tense2n/a9/10
 Sir Stalwart119999/10
 Sky of Swords320008/10
 The Cursedn/an/a8/10
 The Reaver Road1n/a9/10
 The Stricken Field3n/a8/10
 Future Indefinite3n/a9/10
 Magic Casement1n/a8/10
 The Destiny of the Sword319908/10
 The Gilded Chain120008/10
 The Living God4n/a6/10
 The Reluctant Swordsman1n/a8/10
 Upland Outlaws2n/a7/10
 West of Januaryn/an/a7/10
 Demon Rider with Ken Hoodn/a19986/10
 Emperor and Clown4n/a7/10
 Lord of the Fire Lands220006/10
 Past Imperative1n/a7/10
 Perilous Seas3n/a7/10
 Demon Knight with Ken Hoodn/a19986/10
 The Coming of Wisdom2n/a6/10
 The Cutting Edge1n/a4/10
 The Crooked House220001/10
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