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Has won six Hugo Awards and six Nebula Awards (won both for Doomsday Book).

Winner of 2011 Robert A. Heinlein Award.

This author has been recommended by 46 other readers.

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 Misc VolumeYearRating
 Lincoln's Dreamsn/a19928/10
 Doomsday Bookn/a19939/10
 Impossible Thingsn/a19948/10
 Uncharted Territoryn/a19947/10
 Light Raid with Cynthia Felicen/a19967/10
 Fire Watchn/a19989/10
 Promised Land with Cynthia Felicen/a19988/10
 To Say Nothing of the Dogn/a19988/10
 Water Witch with Cynthia Felicen/a19998/10
 Miracle and Other Christmas Storiesn/a20009/10
 A Woman's Liberation: A Choice of Futures by and about Women with Sheila Williamsn/a2001n/a
 All Clearn/a2010n/a
 The Best of Connie Willisn/a2013n/a
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