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Chaz Brenchley has made a living as a writer since he was eighteen; he has now been a professional writer for a quarter of a century. As well as the Outremer fantasy series, he has written a dozen crime novels, three books for children, some poetry, a pseudonymous romance and hundreds of short stories - some of which have been collected into a book. He lives in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, with a black cat and a famous teddy bear.

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Books (Sort by Title)[11 books listed]
 Misc VolumeYearRating
 Dead of Lightn/a1997n/a
 Light Errantn/a1998n/a
 Bridge of Dreamsn/a2006n/a

 Outremer VolumeYearRating
 The Devil In The Dustn/a20035/10
 The Tower of the King's Daughter119986/10
 Feast of the King's Shadow220005/10
 Hand of the King's Evil320024/10
 The End of All Roads62003n/a
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