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Oakland, California native Catherine Asaro received a doctorate in physics from Harvard University. She has published a number of papers on theoretical physics and was a physics professor until 1990, when she established Molecudyne Research, which she currently runs. A former ballerina, she has performed with ballets and in musicals on both coasts, and founded the Mainly Jazz Dance program at Harvard. She now teaches at the Caryl Maxwell Classical Ballet. Her husband is John Kendall Cannizzo, an astrophysicist at NASA. They have one daughter and live in Columbia, Maryland.

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 Misc VolumeYearRating
 The Veiled Webn/a19997/10
 The Phoenix Coden/a20007/10
 Charmed Destinies with Mercedes Lackeyn/a2003n/a
 Irresistible Forcesn/a2004n/a
 The Charmed Spheren/a2004n/a

 Skolian Empire VolumeYearRating
 Primary Inversion1199510/10
 Catch the Lightning219969/10
 The Last Hawk319979/10
 The Radiant Seas4199810/10
 Ascendant Sun520009/10
 The Quantum Rose620016/10
 Spherical Harmonic720028/10
 The Moon's Shadow820038/10
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