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Catherine L. Moore (writing under the name of C.L. Moore since women just didn't write SF in the '50's ;), her stories (starting with "Shambleau" forever changed Science Fiction. (As Lester del Rey puts it: "It is probably impossible to explain to modern writers what an impact that first C.L. Moore story had. ... The influences of that story were and are tremendous. Here, for the first time in the field, we find mood, feeling, and color. Here is an alien who is truely *alien* -- far different from the crude monsters and slightly altered humans found in other stories. Here are rounded and well-developed characters."

She is also known as the wife of Henry Kutner. Much of their works are the collaborative works of one of the greatest writing teams of all time.

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 Misc VolumeYearRating
 Jirel of Joiryn/an/an/a
 Judgment Nightn/a196510/10

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 The Best of C.L. Mooren/a19757/10
 Black Gods and Scarlet Dreamsn/a20028/10
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