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Bret M. Funk was born on September 11, 1976 in Ocean County, New Jersey. He spent the formative years of his life a little further south, in the small town of Barnsboro, New Jersey, where he attended Clearview Regional High School and did his best to find ways to alleviate the boredom of life in suburban America.

At a young age, Funk developed a great love of reading, science fiction and fantasy in particular. He spent many afternoons engrossed in the universes created by great writers, and many more in worlds of his own creation. In 1994, he relocated to New Orleans, LA to attend Tulane University, but his fascination with science fiction, and the many worlds he had created, followed him. After earning a Bachelor's degree in Biological Chemistry from Tulane, Funk applied to medical school but was unsuccessful, his ambitions thwarted in part by a disagreement over his state of residency.

Undiscouraged, Funk applied, and was accepted, to Tulane University School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine, where he earned Master's of Public Health in Epidemiology. During his time in the School of Public Health, he wrote Path of Glory, the first part of his Boundary's Fall series. After graduation, Bret shrugged off a potentially fulfilling career in epidemiology to devote himself to writing full time.

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