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Real name is Howard Allen O'Brien. Writes romantic fantasy mixed with a tinge of horror. Best known for her 'Vampire Chronicles' series and has been a fan favourite for well over quarter of a century. Her first vampire novel, An Interview with a Vampire, was turned into a blockbuster movie starring Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt.

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Books (Sort by Title)[20 books listed]
 Blackwood Farm920028/10
 Blood and Gold820018/10
 Blood Canticle1020039/10
 Cry to Heavenn/a19827/10
 Feast of All Saintsn/a19798/10
 Interview with the Vampire119769/10
 Memnoch the Devil519958/10
 Servant of the Bonesn/a19967/10
 The Mummy or Ramses the Damnedn/a19898/10
 The Queen of the Damned319888/10
 The Tale of the Body Thief419937/10
 The Vampire Armand619989/10
 The Vampire Lestat219858/10
 The Witching Hour119908/10
 Vittorio the Vampiren/a19998/10
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