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Though he started out as an illustrator, William Keith is primarily a writer with sixty books published or on the way, ranging from science fiction to action-adventure to military technothrillers. His first love is science fiction, however, especially military SF with a realistic, hard-science edge.

His role-playing game Behind Enemy Lines won the 1982 H.G. Wells Award for Best Role-Playing Game. His BattleTech novel Tactics of Duty won the Origins gaming award for Best Game-Related Fiction of 1995.

Also written novels using the following pen names:- Keith Douglass, Keith William Andrews (with brother Andrew), H. Jay Riker, Ian Douglas, Bill Keith, Robert Cain.

Bill can be found hiking in the mountains of western Pennsylvania, participating in the local chapter of Mensa, and murdering defenseless paper targets with weapons of various calibers. Has a daughter, Heather.

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Books (Sort by Title)[18 books listed]
 Android VolumeYearRating
 Free Falln/a2011n/a

 Battletech: Gray Death Legion VolumeYearRating
 Decision at Thunder Rift119869/10
 Mercenary's Star219878/10
 The Price of Glory319879/10
 Tactics of Duty4199510/10
 Operation Excalibur51996n/a

 Bolo VolumeYearRating
 Bolo Brigaden/a1997n/a
 Bolo Risingn/a1998n/a

 Buck Rogers: Invaders of Charon VolumeYearRating
 Nomads of the Sky21992n/a
 Warlords of Jupiter31993n/a

 Dr. Who VolumeYearRating
 Dr. Who and the Rebel's Gamblen/a1986n/a
 Dr. Who and the Vortex Crystaln/a1986n/a

 Misc VolumeYearRating
 Diplomatic Act with Peter Jurasicn/a19989/10
 Bolo Striken/a20027/10

 Renegade Legion VolumeYearRating
 Renegades Honorn/a19888/10

 Retief VolumeYearRating
 Retief's Peacen/a2007n/a

 Star Drive VolumeYearRating
 Two of Mindsn/a20007/10

 Warstrider VolumeYearRating
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