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Will McDermott has clawed his way from total obscurity to relative obscurity
in just a few short years. The former editor-in-chief of both Duelist and
TopDeck magazines, Will's fiction credits include the Magic: The Gathering
novel, Judgment, and three Magic short stories - "The Lady of the Mountain"
in the Myths of Magic anthology, "Journey Home" in The Secrets of Magic
anthology, and "Ach! Hans, Run!" in the forthcoming Monsters of Magic
anthology. He has just finished his second Magic novel, The Moons of
Mirrodin, which will be published in September 2003. Will lives in Hamburg,
New York, with his wife, three young ruffians, and one large, insane dog.

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 Magic: The Gathering - Mirrodin Cycle VolumeYearRating
 The Moons of Mirrodin120037/10

 Magic: The Gathering - Odyssey Cycle VolumeYearRating

 Necromunda VolumeYearRating
 Blood Royaln/a2005n/a
 Cardinal Crimsonn/a2006n/a
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