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Wendy A. Simpson was born in Wilmington, Delaware and considers herself the original Delaware native. Her love of writing began at the age of five, when a family friend gave her a beat up old typewriter after finding out she liked to read and was gathering every bit of scrap paper in the house to make little "comic books."

She penned her first novel manuscript at the age of twelve (a Nancy Drew-like mystery), and subsequently wrote several more novels in the mystery genre. It wasn’t until her early twenties and after reading George C. Chesbro’s, Mongo the Magnificent series of books that she acquired her love of fantasy. She took the time to perfect her writing skills by continuing to write, read voraciously and by creating her own website, The Obsidian Labyrinth at www.ladyobsidian.net. Wendy encourages visitors to drop by anytime.

Wendy is currently working on the sequel to Echoes of a Distant Storm but her ideas do not stop there. Her list is long and she hopes to entertain readers with her works for years to come. About writing she says, “Keep at it and keep writing. There will be disappointments but it will definitely be worth it when you sign that contract.”

Echoes of a Distant Storm is her first published novel by New Age Dimensions.

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