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Tony Butler was born and raised in Wolverhampton. He attended the local Grammar School and then embarked on a career in marketing. His career was cut short following a diving accident that left him partially deaf. Unable to here telephones ringing or hear customers on the telephone Tony, an accomplished semi-professional magician decided to make his living as an entertainer and thirty-five years later his Clown Zozo, is one of the most popular and sought after children’s’ entertainers in the East Midlands.
Like most writers, Tony has always had a love affair with books. The magic of a good, well-written novel never fails to enthral him.
Tony had been writing routines for magicians and one-line gags for comedians for years when about eight years ago he saw a writing competition advertised in a magazine. To his surprise he won that competition and several others that year and was invited to join Nottingham City writer’s Club, and is the current chairman of Eastwood Writers Group.
In 2002 he won an award from the Times Newspaper’s Educational Supplement for his work with reluctant and slow readers in schools, and Derby City’s Adult Literacy Competition with his children’s fantasy story, “Abby and Jackdaw’s Adventures.”
In 2003 after being short-listed in the BBC’s short story competition, Tony was invited by BBC Radio-Derby, to write and broadcast ten ‘Morning Thoughts.’
It was after this and following the suggestion of established authors that he was finally persuaded to start writing novels. Merlin’s Granddaughter, a children’s novel, is aimed at readers (Aged 10+). He has written the first draft of a horror novel, the outline for a time travel novel, and has just completed ‘Different’ a 100,000-word novel about a teenager who discovers that she has been genetically modified, which is aimed at young adults.

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