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Born in the United Kingdom in 1959, Neil Charles Cladingboel moved to Australia with his family in 1961, spending his early years in Woomera, the heart of the Australian Outback, before settling in Melbourne where he completed his schooling.

After an extensive background in Catering and Hospitality, which took him around the country, Neil embarked on a new career in Real Estate and Land Marketing. Having dabbled with creative writing and contemporary poetry for many years. Tale Spin is his first published collection of short stories.

Neil has previously published Reflections, The Anvil Amulet and Wraith Tide, which make up The Erebus Equilibrium, a fantasy trilogy, and the short story, Ghost of Elysium.

Neil has just published Bortag's Curse, the long-awaited sequel to The Erebus Equilibrium.

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 Short Story Collection VolumeYearRating
 Tale Spinn/a20018/10

 The Erebus Equilibrium VolumeYearRating
 Bortag's Cursen/a200510/10
 The Anvil Amulet220019/10
 Wraith Tide320017/10
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